• GTDJ – Process and Steam Sterilizable 12mm pH Electrode


    12mm x 120mm pH electrode. All purpose, process and steam sterilizable Pt100 and PG13.5 plug head. *pH range 2-13pH. 0 to + 135°C.Patent Number 4,128,468 Bukamier


    Capillary Temperature Compensation

    • Common Embedded TC Design by others

         – TC is embedded in upper part of body

         – Slow response to temp

         – T95% up to 15 minutes


    • Innovative Capillary TC Design by us

        – TC is placed inside of pH bulb

        – Fast response to temp. change

        – T95% is less than 2 minutes


    Porous Teflon Junction

    • This feature was originally patented by Innovative Sensors in 1978
    • The Teflon junction material is uniform in porosity which allows for precise electrolyte flow into measuring sample. This material also resists clogging by dirt and organic deposits that can lead to electrode failure
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