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  • OCPF81-LH11F21 – pH Sensor 3/4” with MNPT Housing and Pt100 RTD

    SKU: OCPF81-LH11F21-ISI

    OCPF81-LH11F21, pH sensor with 3/4” MNPT housing and Pt100 RTD for flow and immersion installations, 15’ cable and BNC. Patent Number 4,128,468 Bukamier, Patent Number 4,333,812 Bukamier, Rupert


    Key Features

    • Porous Teflon junction delivers high performance and low maintenance
    • Double chamber reference system prevents fouling in harsh industrial conditions
    • Durable 0-14 pH sensitive glass can withstand CIP treatment and operating temperatures up  to 110°C, 230°F
    • Capillary Pt100 RTD positioned at the tip of the electrode ensures optimum response and accuracy at extreme temperatures. Self-cleaning flat surface pH membrane option


    Capillary Temperature Compensation

    • Common Embedded TC Design by others

         – TC is embedded in upper part of body

         – Slow response to temp

         – T95% up to 15 minutes

    • Innovative Capillary TC Design by us

         – TC is placed inside of pH bulb

         – Fast response to temp. change

         – T95% is less than 2 minutes


    Internal Plunger

    • This feature was patented by Innovative Sensors in 1982 and is available on most industrial sensors
    • Competitor’s sensors require mounting 15 degrees off horizontal. The expansion air bubble that exists in the pH sensing internal can migrate to the tip of the sensor and cause an internal disconnect
    • Internal plunger allows for expansion of the liquid without the need for an air bubble
    • Enables mounting in any configuration (360 degrees)


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