OPA640-E111 – Adapts 12mm to 1” NPT Entry

OPA640-E111 – Adapts 12mm to 1” NPT Entry

SKU: OPA640-E111 

12mm to 1” NPT Adapter, PVDF, with protective Guard.


Key Features

  • Adapts standard 12mm x 120mm sensors with PG13.5 threaded cap to 3/4” or 1” NPT process connection
  • Constructed of chemically resistant Kynar™ (PVDF)
  • Guard protects tip of sensor from damage during handling and harsh process conditions
  • Replaceable Viton® O-rings



  • PVDF body, Viton® Seal


Process connector

  • 1” NPT thread or 3/4” NPT thread, PG13.5 internal thread for connection of electrode


Maximum process temperature

  • 21°C at 10 bar (70°F at 150 psig) to 140°C at 2 bar
    (285°F at 30psig) on a sliding scale
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