• OPS71 – Hygienic and Sterile Applications 12mm pH Electrode

    SKU: OPS71-2TC2ESA

    12mm x 120mm pH electrode hygienic and sterile applications with poison-resistant reference ion trap technology.


    Key Features

    • Pt100 and PG13.5 plug head
    • Certified biocompatible
    • pH range 2-12pH. 0 to + 135°C
    • Triple ceramic primary liquid junctions to negate rotational flow errors


    Capillary Temperature Compensation

    • Common Embedded TC Design by others

        – TC is embedded in upper part of body

        – Slow response to temp

        – T95% up to 15 minutes


    • Innovative Capillary TC Design by us

        – TC is placed inside of pH bulb

        – Fast response to temp. change

        – T95% is less than 2 minutes